Problem! Does he love me or he wants to score a Fresher?

Dear Doctor, I am Janet* (not real name)a fresher at SAUT, seeking your help. When I reported to Chuo, I was told to back off continuing students mostly third years, by many friends. The reason being these campusers are looking for fresh and easy meat to chew.

Now comes a certain Fred* a third year student at SAUT, he gets my number and we start talking, along the way Fred has become too close and gives me money, takes me to dates, clubs and even helps me with studying.

I am getting too close to Fred and am scared he might be wanting to have sex with me and run away, what should I do?

Hey Janet*

I understand your situation, it happens to many freshers at Campus, truth is that there is no direct answer to this question. Should you give him sex, he might hit and run or stay.

But one piece of advice is you should confront him and ask him his intentions; when serious, a guy shall play by the book, when not ready, attention from him shall reduce and eventually disappear into thin air.

Till then,

Yours truly,

The Doctor