Eating Pork might cause Epilepsy – Sokoine University

In Tanzania the pork is popular in various areas of enjoyment and has many titles, such as vile mkuu wa meza, kiti moto and many more. However, scientific research from the Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) has revealed that pork consumers are at risk of contracting diseases such as epilepsy due to the existing worm cyst known as “tegu” in the pork. This comes as a result of eating half cooked pork.

BBC correspondent Maximiliana Mtenga has interviewed a researcher of human and animal diseases Dr Dr. Mathias Emanuel from the University of SUA, and first asked for the spread of this disease. He discourages the roasting of pork saying that the cyst worm, might not be burned effectively thus advising boiling the meat first, then roasting of frying the meat. Humans should also consider hygiene very appropriately.

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