Everything I want to say to a single girl at Campus

You certainly do have the most fun. You’re young, you’re free and your intense libido has never picked the right time to be at its peak. Okay yes, the girl with the handsome caring boy seems to have it all on Valentine’s day and her birthdays but your life isn’t that bad either. Let me try to paint the picture so you see it the way I do.

There’s never going to be a time when constant hangovers, peeing in the park lot because you’re hammered; and are going to be okay. Maybe those aren’t the right examples but you get the point, you only get to be reckless once. After campus this kind of behaviour is unacceptable.  You don’t have to ask anyone for permission to do whatever. You won’t feel guilty for slipping on to some boy’s lips on hazed night at a house party because no one’s checking your naughty. The phrase, “young, wild and free” resonates with you every single day, pun intended.

Then there’s that boy drama that will never be in your vocabulary. This is when you get your popcorn and see the boy drama unravel for your friends. “He cheated, he forgot our anniversary, he called me another girl’s name while we were at it, he introduced me as a friend to his friends” this drama is exhausting. Oh how could I forget, the pregnancy scares that drain the life outta you are out of the equation. Really, these scenarios should always help you stay content with your single title, always.

 See, I’m no detrimental person, their are days when being in a relationship is way better than seeing the notebook for the tenth time by yourself. There’s that time at the bar when the heights are wearing off and rubbing against random cute dude is creepy. To add fuel to the fire, there’s couple sited besides you on a full PDA expose that is killing you. No scratch that, there’s nothing more humiliating like third wheeling all the time, a constant reminder that you are single AF.

The trick is not burying your loneliness to a random guy you typically wouldn’t care for. You are young and beautiful, your body parts are still where they ought to be. Don’t be doing the most with a weak guy just to hold a title, it’s not just pathetic but sad.