EXPOSED! The modern Relationships at Campus

We all know that a guy meets a girl he likes, or the other way round, and they date for a time eventually marrying to start a family. However there are some new concepts in modern dating, which has evolved, and can be likened to a play, only that it has characters that would leave many disturbed or disgusted.

A similar number, think these arrangements are convenient for them. What do you think?


Forget the one man, one woman you know of. These are romantic relationships with three partners, two of the same gender. They do everything together from eating to being in the bedroom. Most consists of two women and a man, how do they get along?

Friends with Benefits

We all have friends for different reasons, among the reasons; companionship, listening ears, going out and exchanging favors. A friend who doubles up as a romantic partner would be a boyfriend or girlfriend. However in the modern dating game, people keep friends with benefits with home they can sleep with in the stead of their partners. What is interesting, some partners are totally receptive of this idea.

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Swing Clubs

This is also another baffling concept. Couples that are known to each other exchange partners for sex. Some end up discussing their experiences.


This refers to having a sexual encounter with a person for a brief period, and not making any commitments. For some participants it is an in and off relationship, but for most it is usually a one night stand.

Blind Dates

This practice is becoming much more common and acceptable but some people still feel weird dating a person they do not know.

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