Fashion! Nailing that Androgynous Look!

Possibly wondering what androgyny might mean, well it simply is a touch of both the male and female look fused into one. This type of fashion is the kind where a lady rocks that BoyFriend tshirt and coat. The mocassins and leather strapped belts.. manly like look on a lady.

Heard of Ellen Degeneres? The famous Ellen Show? NO! If not, hit google right away. She is the queen of the androgynous look.

Here in East Africa, have you heard of one famous Eve Mathenge? Eve Mathenge alias mr._.eve on Instagram simply nails it.

With a trendy burgundy blazer and that rolex, she simply nails the androgyny look. She has mastered the “I borrowed this from my boyfriend look”. Check her pics out below. 

 Gents ought to borrow a leaf from Eve.