FIESTA Dar 2016! Tekno, Yemi Alade! Imooo!

The show will have over 40 musicians to present. With Yemi Alade and Tekno Miles all the way from Nigeria, Dr Jose Chameleone from Uganda and one international Artist, we await who!! Wanna know who? Scroll down further! The following musicians are already lined up for the ultimate Show slated for November 5th, 2016 next Saturday.


The campusers have all around been eagerly awaiting their chance for the big bite Fiesta. IFM, UDSM, Tumaini and many other campuses around Dar Es Salaam await. For only 18,000 by tigo pesa, 20,000 before and then 25,000 at the gate is what you need to enjoy the show.


Confirmed artists include:-

Christian Bella, AliKiba, Nandy, BillNass, Chege, RayVanny, Dogo Janja, Shilole, SholoMwamba, ManFongo, Belle9, YoungDee, Mr Blue, Barakah DaPrince, Lord Eyes, Snura, Msami, Darasa, JayMoe, JumaNature, MauaSama, Vanessa Mdee, Jux, Barnaba, FidQ, Stamina, Roma, BenPol, and Weusi, Sweeeettt Mangi!!!

Jose Chameleone
Dr Jose Chameleone all the way from Uganda

This happens to be quite the day with more artists yet to be announced. Truly! IMOOOO!!! Salute to Clouds Media Group.