Five Top Reasons why you should Stop biting your Nails

Scholars have come up with this theory that relates biting nails to geniusness. True or not, this habit can be dangerous to you irrespective of your IQ. Most nail-biters usually do it subconsciously, which makes the habit addictive at the end of the day, causing even more harm to you.  This article will enlighten you on reasons why you should end this habit;

 Skin infection around your nails

Biting your nails makes you susceptible to a skin infection known as paronychia. When you chew your nails, yeast and fungi settle in that skin, causing swelling which results into redness and pus. This makes that area very painful to an extent that it even hinders one from doing minor tasks such as dressing.

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 It is gross

When people watch you biting your nails, they find it gross because it basically means that by biting your nails; you are in one way or another transferring your saliva to other people without their knowledge or will. This may make people avoid any close contact with you, and due to the snowball effect, your circle may keep getting smaller with time.

Long-term effect on your fingers

By biting your nails, your fingers usually lose shape. They tend to grow in ways they were not supposed to. If you do not pay attention to them, they may end up looking like they got chopped off at some point in life.

Manicure is useless

There is basically no point in having your fingernails done if you will end up eating them anyway. So, if you keep on eating your nails, you will never get a chance to experience the beauty of having your long nails painted in your best colour. Manicure is pointless here because sooner or later, they will be feasted on.

 Lowers your self esteem

When many people get to know that you usually eat your nails, they may tend to associate you with that habit. If you have thin skin, then you may let that fact weigh you down. This may lower your self esteem to an extent that you find it easier to distant yourself from other people and end up hating on yourself. Usually, one ends up having worse psychological effects that may be difficult to nip in the bud.

by Okwaras Raisa