Four Things Millard Ayo did in his “Twenties”

Many youth today sit back and admire the accomplishments of the many celebrities we have in Tanzania for instance, Diamond Platnumz an inspiration to many upcoming artists, Jokate Mwegelo the Kidoti brand socialite or in our career story today, Millard Ayo, the media guru. Many do not know what these people went through to achieve this feat. In the research by our esteemed editor and request by your our reader, the lane came across a great article by Herieth on  The article was conducted earlier on this year, but why not give you, our dear esteemed readers life tips!

Mentioned as one of the most powerful and highly acclaimed local radio personality, obviously because of his powerful voice and the talent.His journey started as a presenter at a local TV station ITV.Right now he is conducting one among the most famous radio programs known as “amplifier” under Clouds FM. Millard recently got a super deal from Multichoice DSTV as a reporter  and this deal makes him one solid man in the country.
His radio show is listed among the most listened-to radio shows of all time,among presenters in the country he leads with the most followers on social networks. He keeps it low profile but different sources say he owns some assets .
On his interview with  daily nation blog, he disclosed some things about him that may be of great inspiration to you.  Lets have a critical look at them .

1.Worked for free

I used to get paid Tsh5,000 (Sh240) per week and would get a salary increment of Tsh5,000 per year. Housemaids were making more money than I did.

Why did you stay for three years?

I needed the experience and I knew this was an opportunity to grow my name and build my CV. I gained a lot that I wouldn’t have got anywhere else. I could produce my own shows and other technical issues.

How were you surviving then?

I was living in a slum called Keko Machungwa for the three years in a house that didn’t have electricity. I would go and iron my clothes at work and sometimes even wash them there.

For most of us bringing your “A” game to a volunteering job isn’t a known manner. However with a vision, it is something you can do to build trust & familiarize yourself with the work.Using it as a ladder to your desired destination.


2.Listened to advice

My show was heavy on entertainment and one of the biggest names in blogging in Tanzania, Issa Michuzi, advised me to start a blog. Rapper AY is also a good friend who told me to start blogging about the stories I shared on radio for the sake of those who may have missed them and that was it.

I think having people who that can offer constructive advice is very  important . Allow opinions that will surely improve you . Getting acquainted with people in your working niche , will also provide you with people you can share ideas with.

3.Build authenticity
You don’t slander or post nudes to get hits, why?

I want to be accountable to the readers and this has really been helpful because people come to my website to confirm if a story is true or not. There are people who will not believe a story is true if I haven’t uploaded it on my site.

I always ensure I get a comment before I post an article on the website. People respect that.

4.Investment in his career
What is your secret?

Investing in the company. I used to use my last cent to ensure that I covered a story because I knew that if I did not take my blogging seriously, it wouldn’t grow.

That still hasn’t changed, I take some of my writers, and photographers with me to major events like the MAMAs and I pay for their air ticket, accommodation and food. It is not cheap but it is part of the investment.

How many people have you employed?

I have 14.

Is the website making money and how much?

Yes it does. I can’t really say how much but from  Tshs 1 million  a month and above. We have sponsorships, and advertisers. Brands want to be associated with the website from CCM, to Airtel to many others.

You have a lot of followers on social media, over 1.3 million Followers, do you monetise that?

I have to monetise. To post an image on say, my Instagram page (2,400,000 Followers) goes for $400 (Sh40,000) and a video will be more. It is business at the end of the day.

Don’t you have personal endorsements?

Yes. I have an endorsement from FastJet, Vodacom and Airtel. It’s about association and I am happy these companies want to be associated with Millard Ayo.

Interview courtesy of dailynationblog. The figures might vary in accordance to time.

I am speechless.

What are your thoughts on his Rise . Leave that in the comments below.