Free Education Free Pads – Hon Upendo Furaha Peneza

Education ought to be for everyone. The girl child throughout the ages has suffered many a problem. From being discriminated in society, ignored by the old folk in the traditional ages, denied a right to education.

Recent times have however changed the notion, with free education for all, woman emancipation has enhanced and empowered; making sure the girl child receives equal rights as well as the boy child.

We have seen many organisations fight for the girl child, from international and foreign organisations til back home where we are proud of such organisations for say Msichana Initiative, Mwanamke na Uongozi just to mention but a few.

However with success comes the hurdle, our sisters are faced with a major problem as they approach their puberty stage. Menstruation is normal and healthy for the girls, but this comes at a cost of their education. As our dear sisters approach Class Five in their primary schools, many do not have the resources to combat this situation.

We see many of our daughters and sisters miss lessons and school for fear of having menstrual blood stained on their clothing. Many girls tend to drop out of school at this stage. Our sisters in secondary school too have no resources; menstrual pads for their periods. In the aftermath of this all, we lose out on potential leaders and the well educated mothers of tomorrow.

However we say no to this all, lets all come together and create awareness, join hands to support Hon. Upendo Peneza to attain the possibility of providing free menstrual pads to all girls.

Girls deserve to be at school at all times! No one deserves to be out of school even for a month because of the natural condition they face at hand.

Hon. Upendo Peneza shall take the matter to parliament; and requires the backing of the entire community to ensure the girl child deservedly gets all the requirements while at school.

Lets join the campaign and support Hon Upendo Furaha Peneza.

#FreeEducation #FreePads


Lets support the campaign