Freshers Guide: 5 tips that will teach you to balance social life and school life

By Shalom Nicolette

1. Develop a work plan:
Here I mean you should know this time is for this and this time for that. I have to finish this by this time in order to go for that. This is very key when you want to go turn up and pop bottles plus remember not to get too carried away. HAVE A TEMPERATE WAY TO ACT WHEN THESE EXCITING MOMENTS HIT YOU…

2. Create short term goals and be sure to achieve them:
So if you don’t achieve these goals then what next? Read smarter, and wiser because you can’t take a chance. Especially if you know that you’re a smart person and cannot afford to fail, you gotta work your ass OFF!! Most importantly, do not postpone success. It has to be now because if you fail once it’ll definitely affect your final achievement.

3. Accept that your turn up won’t be massive daily, it should be mild apart from weekends(if you’re on day program):
This issue is for those who can’t go without hitting the bar everyday. If this is you, just know that there’s a tomorrow so if its a weekday, make sure you limit the alcohol and get enough time rest for the class programs the next day. Mainly because: there’s tomorrow, the alcohol won’t get done and you have to be responsible for yourself. Daddy ain’t there to tell you when to stop and be a grown up. And also some people are naturally smart which is not for everyone so know your lane yeah?

4. Have a winning attitude:
I mean you must have a win win situation in everything you do, right? Whereby you consider both sides, so for example if you have been given an assignment and the deadline is tomorrow but you also want to go out with friends but you also know that it might be a wild night and the hangover might be a two-day one….lol. So if you’ve thought this through, why not do the assignment ASAP so that you can fall to the turning up bness…VOILA…u get a to do both.

5. Get a smart friend in class to keep you posted( especially on days you’re nursing a hangover):
On top of the peak is the fact that you badly, I repeat, you badly need to get a smart class friend who updates you on whatever is going on. I know this is tricky because the person might get fed up of you and feel like you’re extorting their brain cells efforts but there’s something called motivation, motivate them to help you or even bribe where you need to, when the worst comes to the worst. Plus you can also do those favours like buying lunch, paying for typing and all those small costs. IT IS SURVIVAL FOR THE FITTEST WHEN YOURE OUT HERE…you hear me?

Campus is fun, it’s a guaranteed good time. However, you will fail desperately at being a campuser if you don’t balance the fun with books, watch out.