Fresher’s Guide! How to avoid being conned

It’s almost that time when fresher’s have to report for their very first semester at campus and let me tell you something that you should watch out for and that’s con men. These guys by now must have already set their strategies for the new semester. Let’s just say, it’s also like they are reporting back  to school with the freshers. I’m sure many of us have had one or two encounters with them, however, that’s why I’m here to make your life easier. I’m going to take you through some of their most common cons and remedies;
Picking admission forms
This is one of the very first things a fresher does on hearing that he or she has admitted, many con men use this chance to play around with your brains. They come with the being university officials! Do not be fooled. Whenever you get to your respective university of admission and ask either the security personnel or students for directions to the respective admissions offices.
Payment of tuition
This is the most common of cons. Most of them come claiming if you give them your tuition, they’ll help you pay… My dear that is a lie. Let no one lie to you that tuition at campus is paid to the bursar that’s because any payments related to tuition must be made to the bank, and be sure to get a reference number before making any payments to the bank.
Registration process
You know you need to get in the university records and this is a very vital process. Many people will set up offices claiming you can register online, yes this is true and possible BUT only to a continuing student not to a fresher, please be on guard make sure you read every notice board you come across while at campus to get well acquainted with when you are to register and where from.
Buying laptops and smart phones
A laptop and a smart phone are those accessories you MUST own when you get to campus and trust me many people will show up selling this merchandise at relatively cheap and amusing price however it’s not a guarantee that all will be genuine so don’t be taken up by excitement.
Reading materials
You know con men are not always outsiders… nah mehn.. They can even be continuing students probably same course with you and they will show up selling pamphlets, handouts and maybe text books please be on guard no need to rush use those materials recommended to you by your lecturers.
First time crushers
Conning is not only in monetary terms but also in emotional terms. Trust me ladies, you’ll get advances from guys more than you have ever before. Reason: they want fresh blood. After the test is done, they won’t look at you again. Just like candidates stop campaigning after winning elections. Choose wisely amongst the candidates if possible, give it time.
Follow these tips and you won’t regret!! till then i remain your guide through campus..