Fresher’s Guide! The Campus Transition

For anyone in the Tanzanian system most people look forward to when they will get to join university or as everyone calls it; campus. With it you expect enormous freedom to do as you please and this is of course steamed up by the stories you may have heard from a few friends and relatives some of course may be fallacies but how will you tell and perhaps you haven’t been there before so it s a question of how gullible you may be.

The vacation you once looked forward to becomes rather too long for you, because you have slept, eaten and watched enough TV because honestly that’s all you do ohh least I forget, you spend some time over staying your welcome at friends’ homes and when you have some little money you look around for the hangouts with the highest discounts; pizza hut’s 3 pizzas at Shs 60000 which may actually be too much for you but you and your hommies will contribute as much as you can in order to afford it and with it you take numerous selfies to keep up the status.



As for the girls or should I say ladies as they want to be called keep looking for offers from their male counterparts……as for the few who have jobs 70% of you want to resign because the boss is probably too tough and doesn’t let you access your phone or the fact that you don’t get a chance to hang around like some of your friends who may on the other hand be complaining about boredom and probably tired of the concurrent arguments with parents and of course many of you spending these few months mastering the arts of copulation and detoothing I also have you covered. This surely brings you all to the same rhetoric; WHEN IS CAMPUS STARTING?;

This definitely comes out with a lot of agitation resulting from excitement for the expected epitome of freedom and fun that are associated with university life and of course you are damned to turn a deaf ear to as you may call them pessimists around you who may tell you about how complex it can be,how AIDS and pregnancies are for real and you think to yourself that they are probably making a hyperbole out of everything.

Well of course campus is due to start soon hopefully your bubble isn’t burst too early because either way its bound to…