Fresher’s Guide! Tips to help you strive through campus

It’s almost time for freshers to join campus, you know get into the reality of being in a whole new environment with a different set of rules. I bring you tips to help you get through your fresher days and when you’re done reading this, you’ll never feel like a a first year student.

Go to all your orientations. Meanwhile orientation may seem like it’s not important but it is. The faster you learn your way around campus, the easier you will feel acquainted with everything around you. Do this and you won’t be confused on campus and look like the fresher you already are.

Stay healthy/eat Right. Don’t skip meals because you want to keep figure. That’s a big No! instead eat plenty and eat healthy. It will help you a lot. Most important, don’t skip meals in the DH because you don’t want your crush to see you, my friend no one likes a malnourished person. If you are to eat junk food, do it once in a while.

Make friends. Most of you have a habit of moving in groups because you ‘came from the same school’ please leave that stuff at the main gate and move on. Make new friends, get to know your roommate at hall, your next door hall neighbors that way you won’t be lonely and you can have plenty of people to help you with course works and other stuff.

Keep track of your money. For your well being, don’t spend money fwaaa on unnecessary nonsense just because your friends are ballin’ instead save your money so that you don’t have to be broke in the middle of the semester.If you want to spend, set a certain amount and don’t pass that. You’ll be on the safe side.

Get Organized. In high school, the teachers tended to lead you through all the homework and due dates. At campus, the professors post the assignments? Often for the entire semester? And expect you to be prepared. Buy an organizer, use an app, or get a big wall calendar? Whatever it takes for you to know when assignments are due. “Saps” are real my brothers!

Attend lectures. Don’t start skipping class in your first year, I mean its just not right because you tend to miss a lot hence get retakes. Learn to attend class, talk with your lecturers and keep records of your assignments.

Make time for yourself. Yes study hard and get good grades but also, don’t get lost in books all the time. Make time for yourself by going out, mixing with friends you know, doing exciting activities so that you don’t have a boring campus life.

Freshers follow these tips and you will definitely fit it. Make your campus stay worthwhile.