Gents watch out for these Campus ladies

We all love flaunting style and class this goes to all Campus ladies we know you want that high class life. But wait a minute, Dnt get it twisted that Love aint a beautiful thing the Koko master D’banj sang the tune. To what extent campus ladies are willing to go has got me questioning… 

Expensive mobile phones, expensive hair anha .. brazilian ( some have Angolan actually Congolese,  wonder how you have three nationalities on one head SMH..)  fancy designer clothes.. exquisite cars, brands like Gucci,Louis Vutton, Tommy Hilfigure popping bottles Belaire,Moet and Chandon and lots of partying… ( Jesus Christ!)  

Well today brothers, Let me give you a secret trust me most Campus girls are fake, all of the things mentioned belong to one package called branding, done to seek attention, sort of respect. 

I am not sure if it can be brought in that manner and show offs, guys be aware of these Campus beautyfools, deep down in side  they are filthy broke trying to prove the world that they got it all.

When one happens to appear in your life you will definitely understand what I am talking about because she will turn you into her father instead of her boo. Tough times never last but tough people do.. such a bold claim but I think these ladies are the tough kind. I stand to be corrected.

For a second might question if she is an orphan, keep your money safe by staying away from campus girls of this kind?

Signing out till then I remain

Yours truly,

The Campus Fox.