Here’s How to Know What Suits your Body Type

You are probably picking the colours that don’t work for your body type. We live in an era where what we put over our bodies defines us in various ways. It is that era where it does not matter whether one wears a Balenciaga or Balemcyiaga as long as it is pulled off the right way. You have been wearing what you consider the best in your closet but have you wondered why no one turns to look at you while you pass by yet you have all you consider assets? Here’s a guide to what colours suit your body type;

For the thick girls that know how to embrace their size, this is for you. Black is the way to go! With black you can never go wrong. You know those stomach folds that have always made you uncomfortable, your bulging stomach and all, anything black will make you look a bit smaller and further accentuate your curves. This passes for the slim girls too. With black you can never go wrong.

However am not saying that you should throw away your other coloured clothes. You can have those but know when to wear what. Those can probably pass for the night. But with black any time any day is good.

White; as clean and pure as it looks, that feeling settles with in you. When a person that is not comfortable with their colour, size or physique dons white attire, it creates a sense of belonging. One can’t help but feel clean and pure. The trick with white is, it will brighten your look. Having one of those bad days where you feel moody, sloppy and sick? Go for clean white attire, you will not regret. Have you ever wondered why most campus parties are themed black and white? As Jumpy and free spirited campus peeps are, a touch of black elegance and pure simmer won’t hurt! Know what suits your body type.