HESLB releases list of successful Loan Appellants “walio kata rufaa”

The Higher Education Student Loan Board (HESLB) has announced a list of 2,679 students who received a value of Sh9.6 billion after verification and analysis of the appeal submitted.

HESLB Chairman, Abdul-Razaq Badru, said on Tuesday, December 5, 2012, that 1,847 students were first year students, whose loans amounted to Shs.6.84 billion and 832 others who are still studying but had no loans over the past years.

He said campusers who have been studying have received a value of Sh2.76 billion and the money has already been sent to the respective institutions.

According to the completion of the task at hand, 33,200 students of First year have been credited with more than TSh108 billion for the year 2017/18.

He said the total budget for all students in 2017/18 is Sh427.54 billion. Badru said the appeal window closed November 19, 2017.

HESLB has also begun to transfer loans that have been directed to different colleges.

Badru said 590 students of First year who received loans worth TShs.1.78 billion that was originally sent to different universities has been  transferred to the respective campuses were students have transferred to.

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