HESLB Updates: Loans Awarded wrongfully to be taken back

HESLB or the loans board has come up with the final say on the wrongfully awarded beneficiaries of the loan. Eng Abdu Badru the Executive Director of the board has acclaimed the fact that years before loans were awarded according to successful students in the Division One and Two category regardless of their financial ability. Speaking to the press lately, he said only those in the needy category:- the disabled, the poor, orphans, teachers and the science category shall be awarded loans. 

He further went ahead and stated that the exercise of verifying loan applicants and beneficiaries that starts tomorrow shall show who needs the loan most. Upon finding out that you were awarded the loan by means of figisu figisu.  Your loan shall be rescinded and payment shall start with the loan given to you this November. Those that are deemed fit for private sponsorship shall not receive any further loan from the Board. 

All beneficiaries are on the chopping board until the  Fat Lady Sings.