Your hideous flip flops should be a no-show this semester

The evolution of flip flops emerged it’s way on to fashion trends very damn easy. Almost every designer was into the casual streetwear, with the shoe designers taking centre stage. These gunners have been around long before some of you were concieved but they came back with a bang. And we have to admitt, they are so darn comfortable. With this whole debacle illuminated everywhere, our Chinese friends got to work; ensuring the poor Africans did not miss out on the gift that was flip flops, and oh were we gracious. Some downtown streets–sorry, all downtown streets are still gracious for they continue to literally voice their duplicate ugly Nikes in our faces.

I’m all for knockoffs, I have held a fake moschino bag and rocked Yesus sneakers in my day. Hey, I even own a bag that spells Hilfiger with y… it’s the continued fascination of how the Chinese are vast copycats. But really, I think we can all agree, these sandals are too much. These ugly Nikes or Adidas flip flops look like the famous yobos. Remember those ugly plastic things from the early twenties? Yes that’s what you are tormenting your feet with.

I honestly wouldn’t go so hard about it to the guys, cause really most boys don’t give a hoot, but the girls as well! You have seen those furry pink/red ones around. Okay, I too indulged and got me a pair from Ras around Survey but I have a conscience, my fashion meter was buzzing like crazy whenever that weird dude in our class passed by me wearing them. I’m not saying am better than him, hell no, I’m saying I’m a self-proclaimed fashionista and I have to live to the hype, I had to let those things go.

Now I’m not saying flipflops aren’t trendy, I just saw a Kardashians episode recently and Khloe was all about these bad boys. But see, hers are designer flip flops thus unique and rare but the ones all over Kampala streets have borderlined into uniforms, all they need are badges to certify you in a category of horrendous fashion dwellers, something campusers aren’t known for.

A new academic sem means new begins. You will stop giving into that fuckboy’s wants, you will stop being your crush’s lap dog and hell, you will kick this hideous “trend” to the curb.