Hon. Ndalichako advises students not to seek loans from TSSF

Dodoma. The government has warned students against applying for loans from the Tanzania Social Support Foundation (TSSF), insisting it was not recognised.

This follows a recent announcement by the TSSF that it would provide loans to higher learning institutions students who failed to secure them from the government.

Responding to a question by Mafinga Urban MP Cosato Chumi (CCM), the minister for Education, Science, Technology and Vocational Training, Prof Joyce Ndalichako, said the government was yet to establish whether the institution was genuine or not.

“The government doesn’t recognise the institution, until verification is done,” she said. “I am told the institution requires students to pay Sh30, 000 as application fee. However, the question is, what if it fails to provide loans to all the students who have paid the fee?” she queried.

She stressed that her ministry knows nothing about the institution and she refuted claims on a newspaper (she did not name it) that suggested she recognised it.

“I don’t recognize this institution and I have never worked with them. Let me take this opportunity to alert people not to trust it until it is verified,” she said.

She insisted that the government will not be part of any agreement between the TSSF and students.