How to deal with lazy Classwork group members looking for a free ride

You are in a group with a member who contributes barely nothing.  He even doesn’t read  the final draft of the assignment that is submitted to the lecturer. He is one lazy person who is always looking for free rides.

Professor gave us a group assignment and we decided do divided the task.  During the submission of the first draft, the lazy member comes saying “I did my part but my computer crashed.”  You then ask him to explain in summary what he researched and he says “i did so much. I can’t remember. Forgive my poor memory.”

Fellow group  members agree unanimously to handled his part and assign him the role of  printing the collective set of summaries did ahead of presentation. He assures us that he will deliver a quality work.

PRESENTATION DAY. The prof. calls our group for presentation and the lazy member has not arrived.  We  try calling him but he is not picking the calls.  We try texting him but he is not replying back. The professor calls another group and asks us to prepare to present next.

He arrives 15 minutes later with the printed assignment. It is full of errors right from the front page to references. Some group members’ names are missing. Yet they actively participated in doing the assignment. Confusion wrecks the whole group. We decide to fix the name of the missing members though handwriting.
The first group has finished presenting. It is our time. We present our lecture with one copy as we head to present.  Before we begin the presentation, the professor stops us. He says; Our work is is disorganized and full of errors. Some pages are missing. Some pages are inverted.

The professor tears and throws our assignment away. The pages fly all over the class. He asks us to walk out of his class. We walk out disappointed. The lazy group member makes us go mad. We feel like smacking his face.

How do you deal with such lazy members? Just eliminate their names from the final list. Do not sympathize with them. Your sympathy will ruin your career dreams.