How to Handle a Jealous Campus Girlfriend

A jealous girlfriend is like a walk in a path of hot coals. It’s damaging and hectic. It’s just like voting a wrong politician. The ultimate question should always be how to handle a jealous one. Which is what we want to answer today. Bear in mind that just like bacteria, jealous is a necessary evil. We need it. But the moment it has your girlfriend behave like a wounded jaguar, it’s time to seek remedies on how to solve her.   

Find the root of the jealousy: 

Most girls lose it when a guy talks to many other girls. It could be just talking or you could honestly be seeking diversity in your sex life. Either way, find a way to keep her out of it. If her source of information is the phone, delete all chats you think make her sound like an unhooked grenade. Stay away from sins when in vicinity of her friends. Please! Your girlfriend’s friends are barely your friends. Unless the cute one wants to sleep with you. 

Be a trustworthy person: 

Yes. Make sure you are the kind of guy a girl can talk about like, “Peter is so trust worthy. You could leave him in bed with Beyonce and all he would say is HI”. Be that guy, I mean really. Don’t pretend to be him. Be him. There is usually no beauty in sleeping around or being an award winning flirt when you have a very sweet girl at home. Be a good guy if you actually got a good girl.  

Raise her societal status: 

Of course this can backfire. But when a woman is confident of what she has and what she is, emotional battles become the least of her worries. She becomes laden with self esteem. Ladies with that kind of esteem overload don’t get overly jealous. They will silently treat you if you ever stray out of line. 

Make-up after quarrels: 

Far fetched but some girls raise tantrums because they are horny. It’s proven. She could be jealous of things that sound so ridiculous you want to push your palm through your face. Like, “Why did she smile at you?” “Why did you buy her credit.. ” etc. Usually they want your honest apology. Thereafter a kiss… And then have a wonderful night. After which is followed by a promise never to do the same thing again. 

Break up with her: 

True. There are overly jealous girls. They break stuff. They scratch cars with keys. They even attempt to slice their wrists. Run away from those because anyone capable of doing that because of unproven rumours will kill you.