How to keep Your Weave on Fleek on a Campus Budget

When coming to Campus you’ll learn everything you do will be on a campus budget. Your appearance will become harder to keep up as the years go along (if it doesn’t become less important) and you will want to spend your money on more important things.

Buying new bundles and constantly getting sew-ins every three months will eventually become a hassle and will have you debating those new 24 inches or groceries for about two months.

If you want to keep your hair on fleek but can’t stay away from bundles here’s how to save your money:

1.Reuse your hair. 

Some girls I know don’t like to reuse their hair because they think it’s gross or they just think they can buy more but that needs to stop. With the proper care of your bundles, they should last up to a year. I’ve used some of the same bundles in 2-3 sew-ins and a wig. Remember that weave is supposed to be an investment which means you need to get the most out of your purchase.  I make sure I handle my hair with care, I don’t dye it, and I try to keep the cutting wefts to a minimum.

2.Shop smarter.

When you just HAVE to buy more hair, try to look for the best deals, shop smarter and ahead of time.  Buy your hair during Back to School, Christmas sales, or New Years sales. The hair would only be about $10-$15 off or all length of bundles with be the same price and not go by length.  Check out different hashtags on Instagram or wait for your favorite vendor to have specials.  Though some people fear Ali Express, check out their hair by vendor. Ask around your campus or watch YouTube reviews for hair reviews on where to get the best hair.

3. Learn to do it yourself. 

Don’t freak out! This is a skill I feel like everyone should have, learning to maintain your own hair. It gives you a chance to save money on a hair dresser and giving them $100+ to simply put your hair in after you’ve already spent $200+ on the hair.  There are plenty of videos on YouTube that can teach you how to braid and sew! If not, ask a friend who’s good at DIY to help. It won’t be perfect the first time but it’ll work and it’ll cost you nothing!

4. Make wigs. 

Wigs changed my life! I swear I’ll never get another sew in until it’s time for my wedding because I love wigs so much now. Wigs are so convenient because it allows for you to do so much. If you have a lot of bundles stored up you can always make multiple wigs of different types of hair like curly, wavy, and straight.  You can watch different YouTube videos on styling to make it fit your daily life.  It also allows you to get to your natural hair easier being able to deep condition it and properly take care of it how you should.

In campus, YouTube is your best friend because it allows for you to learn how to do just about anything by yourself and keep more money in your pocket! Try out some, if not all of these steps and watch your stress level go down and your money go up!