How to rock the Peacock-colored-skater-skirt

Do any of you love peacocks? no? yes?…I hope it is a yes because today I’m going to give you campus girls the reason to love them and your boys to love you too. This skirt has all those colors and you’ll love, meaning you’ll love yourself more. Eventually, the other party (I mean the boys) will definitely approve of this outfit.

Anyway, in my sense, I think the skater skirt suits  every body size as long as you get something that fits your waist and you can breathe after a meal. This is mainly because it is cut on bias and it is therefore round, round works for everybody since it covers up most of the flesh and is not hugging and sitting on your body, it’s not like a leach (sticks till the end).

I like the color mixtures the skater skirt has as well and as a mentioned earlier, it’s definitely a peacock yeah? So that’s why I decided to wear a minimalist color in the ensemble and as you all know, it’s like the most neutral color, WHITE OF COURSE. Most of you girls own cropped tops, therefore it’s a must have for everyone who wants to slay around campus especially if it has asymmetric cuts and spaghetti straps, this one doesn’t have those unfortunately because it is spandex material and cotton.

And being a student as well, I know this skirt can work for you on Mondays and it can also work for your internship period since it is very decent, not too long or short but just perfect. Oh and before I forget, there are those days when you are really hesitant to wear tight clothes like normal denim jeans or body hugging skirts and dresses but I assure you that this is the perfect OUTFIT OF THE DAY (#OOTD) to run. Remembering that we were playful as campusers, we add some poppy large jewelry to compliment our look in order not to be too dull and dormant….Bye thanks for stopping by.

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