How you should feel towards a “friend” that broke girl code and stole your man

The world is quite a funny place to be in yet enjoyable; the drama never ceases to end. Recently I was going through the Whatsapp statuses and happened to come across a friend cursing the hell outta why “girlfriends would cheat on her with her man?” Girls have this habit of pushing out with the friend’s boyfriend behind her back. I had to jot this down for my girl.

She needs to get a life. She is not a friend, much less a best friend. She slept with your boyfriend knowing you have a monogamous relationship, asked him to keep quiet about it and probably told him never to tell you about it. These “friends” usually want a second hump and a third and before you know they are officially together. That is neither a friend nor something that should be forgiven. It’s like she was waiting her whole life to see you fall apart. She needs to get a life that’s far from your own, cut her out of your life.
She doesn’t deserve your friendship. That’s something you should be bold enough to tell her after she messes around with your man.

No girl in your bff circle should be too close to your man. Girls are always unpredictable anything is possible with them close to a guy they want/ have always wanted. You’d be unwise to keep her in your life. She knew it was wrong. We really need to remove toxic people from lives. Some may say she did you a favor for showing you how weak your boyfriend’s loyalty and resolve are. But she didn’t do it for you. She did it for her. She would have been helping to put all that has gone wrong together for you instead of banging your man. No, she does not deserve you and neither does he.

You will want to make her apologize for her deeds because she is your BFF, you had her before you had this guy. She broke the damn rule she should probably pay for it her whole life. If only words could reverse situations! It’s admirable that you want to forgive her but that forgiveness will mean nothing if she doesn’t respect you. She will apologize with aplomb and sincerity and if you are unwise you will easily bring her close again. Such people deserve to be forgiven but never brought close again. She believed her stupid guts and forgot the rule you built for years with her. She needs to be sorry about that with her life.

She should take responsibility. If she lets the guy tell you about it while she is quiet, she is probably not sorry. She should pull her act together and tell you before the guy does. She might not even be interested in your friendship anymore. I do have to give your boyfriend props for making things right. But, he doesn’t get a free pass. It’s up to him to work twice as hard to gain your trust back. He hasn’t been honest with you and has stabbed your back. She isn’t taking responsibility like your boyfriend did.

There’s a reason that people who have no limits don’t keep lifelong friends, relationships have boundaries. People like that burn through those boundaries until the friendship has nothing left to hold it together. She’s already broken a major boundary with you, you shouldn’t let her break more of them until she’s repaired what she’s already done.

She is a hypocrite. You can forgive your best friend, however, there’s no need for the friendship to continue. You shouldn’t have to be her doormat and her emotional punching bag. You do not want to be a pawn in this jilted love game! Better to be safe than sorry stay away from your bff’s man. You have no business with him.