“I want a free soul Guy, this Valentine,” Careen Joel

On the eve of Valentines Day, the day most ladies anticipate and await to measure her man’s true love and desire to be her, some ladies do get lucky and are asked out on this magnificent day whereas the rest, are but a bunch of side chicks awaiting the next evening to resume their “side duties“.

Treading across the gradlane, our snoops stumble upon the benevolent Careen Joel Mwakitalu, a third year Mass Communication and Journalism student at St Augustine University Mwanza. Lets find out more about Careen the OnCampus Tv presenter a program on Universities across Tanzania.

Good afternoon lady, tell us who Careen Joe Mwakitalu is.

Careen is a 22 yrs old girl. Self-driven and motivated individual, waaaay above confident, perfectionist, naturally optimistic and God fearing.

Great, Are you single? Coz I really want to mingle!

Hahahaha! Funny! Carie Joe as a brand is single? you know how that goes.

Actually I didnt get what you just said (Haha) but supposedly we get to mingle what would love for Valentines Day?

Hahahaaa! Uhm for valentines I would prefer anything unique and special and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Sounds like the type we see in fairytales ..huh back to reality describe your ideal guy?

Not really, just stating facts actually. About my ideal guy… be a freesoul, nothing but yourself , honest, down to earth, strong willed and super productive.

Damn! You really do know your type, well who is Caren in 5 words. What do you do for fun?

Perfectionist, optimistic, confident, Godly and different.
For fun: adventure, music, getting all weird and funny ?, art&culture,travel and creativity.

What do u hate?

I hate people who see a problem or know a solution but don’t take any chances to change the situation in all spheres of life but especially social.

Am loving it! Whats so different this valentine?

Nothing’s special for real unless it’s a surprise.

Tell us about your career in the media industry.

My career in the media is an interesting journey which I and my gut decided to Embark on, it’s not easy but it’s not ending any time soon. Am a media personality and entertainer working with sahara media group and doing personal projects soon to be displayed with a win?

What do you aspire to be in the next 5 years?

In the next five years I aspire to be an outstanding and one of the most influential media icon in Africa, a media personality and advanced tech adverts specialist by proffession.

What message do you have for the youth out there?

It’s a cruel and an unsafe world.. with few opportunities especially for the black community, but under the same sun God made us equal so take the step and follow your dreams for yourself and for our devalued community, no matter how hard just keep pushing, If not you then who?

But also don’t forget to live your life it is a once given gift. Flawed and all always help a soul, even just a quarter of it❤

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