IFM student Arrested for lending Gun to Robbers

Third year student at the Institute of Finance Management, Robson Isack Maji, a Tabata Segerea resident has been arrested and detained by the police after being caught with a Beretta pistol with six bullets in the magazine. Robson has admitted to using to lending the pistol to robbers for a sum of money upon return of the pistol. The Dar es Salaam Regional Police got information from trusted sources about hiring of firearms for robbers to commit crimes in the area and that is when the investigation started that ultimately led to Robson’s capture.

Police questioned Robson where he got the firearm upon which he claimed that his father Isaac Maji was the rightful owner. Isaac Maji is also in police custody as to why he owned the unregistered firearm which doesnt belong to himupon further inquiry.

The Police also have in custody Patrick Makai Kilosa whom Robson mentioned to be part of the operation and business of lending firearms to robbers.

Commander Lazaro Mambosasa said the monitoring took place and arrested Kilosa (22), a student at Columbus State Community College in the United States, a Tabata Segerea resident too.

“The detective continues to find out the right holder of the weapon and more investigation shall take place in determining how often the weapon has been leased and used by what people,” he said.