IFM under a threat,students robbed and killed.


Of recent,there has been a habit of unknown people robbing,hurting and killing IFM students.This has occured twice this week.The first incident was observed on 13/03/2017 when one student named Hamis Twaha was attacked and stabbed by the neck in the Kigamboni area.He has left bleeding to death by assailants.

After two days,on 15/03/2017 at around 12:30 am,another student,Allan of second year Accounting class,had his stomach stabbed beside the Freemason Hall opposite Hyatt Regency Hotel.He luckily survived to tell his story

This is a very serious sequence of events to occur in just a week .However,most students have been complaining about the Old Posta Bus stop (Mwendokasi) which is opposite NMB Bank as a haven for the robbers who sit there masquerading as beggars. So,this caution goes to students of IFM to always move in groups at night or stay be locked up in their rooms by midnight.