In a university you will never miss anything new, and especially new talents. I met Allen a student at the University of Dar es Salaam taking pictures of students at the campus compounds. He shares a link to his instagram account which I check later on. For a photographer you will see that his photography is very unique from the usual photography you will see. 
He tells me he takes pictures randomly from his Nikon. He has taken pictures of the University compound, the lawn and structures and a number of excursions he goes to around Dar town and other areas in Dar es Salaam.
He shares most of his work on his instagram account @cheinonellaimages Check out the rest of the interview and some his pictures:


CL: What make is your camera?
Allen: It’s a Nikon 5300d

CL: Why did you choose that make of camera?
Allen: The camera proves to be competitive with advancements like 39 focus points,LCD screen,WiFi enabled ….so it’s dope!

CL: How long have you been doing photography?
Allen: Since I was a kid…I started by using Mom’s kodak,and later dad’s which later broke down.

CL: How did you get to know about photography?
Allen: Passion….baibeeee!!!.Plus a few tutorials from youtube.

CL: Do you do photography professionally?
Allen: Not really. Mostly it’s a hobby thing. I do it for the love of the camera. Am planning to study photography though.

CL: Do you do anything else apart from photography?
Allen: I’m a student at Mlimani. I make films too.

CL: How do you juggle between the other things you do and photography?
Allen: I create free time because I’m passionate about photography, so in a day an hour or two is enough. I do this daily

CL: Which international photographer inspires you?
Allen: That’ll be Platon…..