Interview! Marcelino Gitto – Design and Artwork is a Passion

Famously known as Marcelo, the young man is a fresh graduate from University of Dar es Salaam where he was pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree at the university’s Business School-UDBS. We had a chit chat with Marcelo and this was the conversation in utterances.

What business are you involved in? 

I am currently dealing with interior designing and art work decorations. But I have also been involved with male clothes designing but my passion was set for the artwork.

What inspired you to start your current business?

Ever since I was a child, I had an eye for art and the midas touch for beauty. I liked to see things glitter in an exquisite manner.

Starting up a business is always a challenge1 What other challenges have you faced?

I have gone through a lot but with God I have managed to come through. The capital stroke, getting clients, office mishaps and many more. But these challenges have built and shaped me to where I am now. I thank God for that.



Any success stories as yet?

Well, I have managed to open up my first store and office to display my works as well as meeting customers. Nimefanya kazi na wasanii wakubwa, maduka makubwa, tv shows na wanasiasa mashuhuri na wengine zaidi.

Thats a great stepping stone. Well that’s not the end of the road, where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

I see me “internationale” (chuckles) I want to build a brand household name in artwork and design all over the country. Getting big contracts and building an empire.

That is quite a dream, how are you willing to help your fellow “vijana”?

Currently I do employ “vijana” when I head to work. I aim to create more jobs and offer the little I can since “wote tunatafta maisha”

Any last words for the youth your age, at chuo? 

They should let their souls and minds speak, waache kuogopa na kupiga majungu. I believe kila mtu ana Kipaji kutoka kwa Mungu. Let them explore this talent and put it to good use. Its all about having a passion and building a vision out of it.

Thanks for your time Marcelo. Catch up with Marcelo on Instagram