Interview with former Mr University Tanzania,Matukio Chuma.


Tell us a little about yourself and your background.
My name is Matukio-Amani OleAfrika Aranyande M Chuma. Born a Tanzanian, an East African and proudly son of the land named Africa. 

I have a background in International relations, law and journalism. Have had experience inside and outside of my country, serving and playing my part to make the world a better place.  Matukio likes reading, writing, traveling, meeting and learning around the world. Matukio believes that the sky is just another place to land and not a limit.

Tell us about your newest piece of work entitled Matukio? 
Matukio in Kiswahili and Matukio (My STORY) in English has unleashed the quiet perhaps very reserved Matukio and shared him and his insights to the World. Matukio in Kiswahili and Matukio (My STORY) which took years of writing,  has given me the platform to talk to my people, my country, my continent named Africa and the World. Welcome to My World…Welcome to Matukio’s World.
Its mind soothing, its a remedy, its a hobby, its an income generator, its educating, informative, inspiring, I mean it has played a lot of roles of Matukio-Amani OleAfrika Aranyande M Chuma you met yesterday, today and tomorrow. To be a good writer in most cases you need to read, evaluate, think, analyse critically and be able to take something and put it in writing at times.

It has grown the senses of reading, analysis and practicability of the languages, structures and most importantly the writer in Matukio.

Whats your inspiration or who is?
Anything and everything, from my conception to my presence in the World. It might be a new born baby, a person I meet on the street, a child, a sibling, a youth, an elder. I mean I have learnt and  still learning over every existence of the World. It can perhaps be the sound of birds in an early morning, news, breeze, sea, lake shore; from the flora to the fauna, I get inspired and enlightened.
From Tanzania, Africa to the World. Wherever I am, in whatever I do. From my amazing family to each and every other person. Inspiration from my birth to my existence and the strive for excellence. The list is endless.
Did you use your own experiences to write Matukio? 
Its a docu-biography; From then to now, my life, my lessons, my struggles, my focus, the person in me yesterday, today and perhaps  tomorrow.
When did you decide to become a writer? 
I started composing and writing as early as 10 years old if i remember well. I have been writing and rewriting. I remember having made it to semi final stage in the  World poem/song writing contest when I was about 12 . It has really been a long journey!
At first it was much more in magazines, pieces of writing etc.
My first international published work was through Spruce Mountain Press of Virginia, USA (the poem contest for writers from all over the World that I found online) in June, 2012. The anthology  is still available and can be purchased on Amazon titled…Heartscapes: True Stories of Remembered Love…
Last year I was the writer of Chozi la Sitti, so  Matukio is not the first one.
How do you use social media to market your work?  I use social media to reach the audience and utilise the platform for more  effective outreach.  I believe in positive use of social media. I have pages that each and everyone can access Matukio and his works, engagements etc; Facebook @matukiochuma Instagram @matukio_chuma and Twitter @oleafrika
If you could work with any author, who would it be?
Good question, actually there are numerous writers that I am fond of. #God’sTimeIsTheRightTIME
What are your ambitions for the writing career?
I will play, do and LIVE my part.
Tanzania and Africa in general had a long history of folktales, and the more the world advances in terms of technology, such practices should  be held high and cherished with honour and we should not undermine the power of writing; We need to keep on writing from our very own perspective and become generative. Lets keep the spirit of Ubuntu and purity flowing. Let us not pass time. We are here today but do not know what is in for us  tomorrow. Who shall forever live on this earth? Let us give the children of today and the other coming generations  pride and options of reading,  as  one of the famous sayings goes; A great Leader is a good reader……….I will depart from the world one day,but my writings will live forever.
Where can we buy your book or see them( stores or other relevant links) prices can be included.
TPH Bookshops, Imalaseko supermarkets, and anyone, anywhere in the world can by online through Amazon and eBay…You can also place an order for wholesale and retail through +255784 311 056.
The book, Matukio in Swahili and Matukio (My Story) in English each costs 25,000TZS or 25usd (shipping inclusive).
What advice would you give to aspiring writers?
Patience, Resilience, Obedience & Dedication to your writing …….Always remember if you were to write for yourself then that makes a Diary.Always ask yourself this question,”Is MY writing worth  READING?” Keep Going; Keep WRITING
…Thank You