Interview with BBC’s Munira Hussein

Good afternoon, Munira. Its nice meeting you! Can you tell us a little more about yourself!

Munira: I am Munira Hussein,a third year Journalism & Mass Communication student at UDSM. I am an employee at the BBC.

By BBC you mean “the BBC” great! How did you earn yourself a placement at the BBC?

Munira: It all started when I was an intern here during my first year,and later become a freelancer for the same organisation. During September, vacancies were announced and I applied.I was scared to apply at first,but the other employees encouraged to do so.By God’s grace,I won myself the job.

Thats a chess move right there! Hah! We shall be employing you too! What do you like about BBC?

Munira: (chuckles) well, this institution is one of the world’s largest media houses,and so many journalists have always dreamed of working here. I believe this is the best place to advance my career.

Inspiring indeed! Any advice for the campusers aspiring to be in your shoes?

Munira: They should do what they love . Passion in what you do is everything. Personally couldn’t get anywhere without love and passion with what I do. If you love music do it with all your heart , and you will never fail in that.

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