JKT releases Senior Six names and Camps for Army Training 2016

Jeshi la Kujenga Taifa (JKT) has released the names and the various camps where the recent Senior Six Vacists will attain their army training for a period of three months.  The students are required to report from 1st – 5th  June this year. Students chosen have been allocated the following camp sites; JKT Rwamkoma – Mara, JKT Msange – Tabora, JKT Ruvu – Pwani, JKT Makutupora – Dodoma, JKT Mafinga – Iringa, JKT Mlale – Ruvuma, JKT Mgambo and JKT Maramba – Tanga, JKT Bulombora, JKT Kanembwa na JKT Mtabila – Kigoma.

JKT has also ordered that the students with physical disabilities report at JKT-Ruvu at Mlandizi, Pwani where the necessary equipment is. JKT also requires the students to report in the camp with sports clothes like  ‘track suit’, shorts, snickers and warm clothes for those allocated cold camps like  JKT Makutupora, JKT Mafinga, JKT Mlale, JKT Kanembwa na JKT Mtabila.

The following are the lists of Camps and names where you have been allocated. Click the link to search for your name.

Students chosen under Rwamkoma- Mara Camp

Students chosen under Bulombora-Kigoma Camp

Students chosen under the Kanembwa-Kigoma Camp

Students chosen under the Msange-Tabora Camp

Students under Mgambo-Tanga Camp

 Students under Mafinga-Iringa Camp

Students chosen under Mwakutopora-Dodoma Camp

Students chosen under Maramba-Tanga Camp

Students chosen under Mtabila-Kigoma Camp

Students chosen under Ruvu-Pwani Camp

Students chosen under Mlale-Songea Camp

We shall keep updating this post for more camps as we get them. For more information click here JKT releases students names for army training