Getting to know Joel Vicent Joseph alias “MR PUAZ” – Harmonize’s Manager

The world may not have danced to his tunes as yet but definitely, the corners of the foundation have started to crack at the mention of his name. Not such as a household brand, the name MR PUAZ still brings a cringe of excitement and skepticism; why would someone call himself that? Such a feeling of enthusiasm made me carry out research to find out what makes the nose tingle.

Born on 31st March, 1985, Joel Vicent Joseph alias Mr PUAZ went to Maisaka Primary school in Babati ,Babati Day Secondary school and finished his Ordinary level education at Marangu Secondary school. Having not completed his secondary school education did not deter his wide search for knowledge as he boasts of over 42 certificates in various fields from human resources to the Computer world.

His alias Mr. PUAZ comes from the comparison between him and his son who refused to accept that his nose was as huge as his father’s earning him; the name at home which he eventually took on as a brand.

With a charisma to earn and the spirit of a hustler, at the age of 22 he was performing as a stage dancer on Saba Saba festivals in Arusha earning a meager sum of 1500/=. Tides turned and he started work as Sales executive at Vodacom Tanzania; a position he held for seven years moving to TIGO Tanzania where he worked for two years moving onto to Spice Vas Tanzania,  an entertainment company as a Content Manager for one year resigning and leaving behind a hefty 4500,000/= paycheck.

Such times one ponders the reason as to why one would leave such a handsome paycheck and head to the streets for entrepreneurship; but after having a chat with MR PUAZ, he left me with more queries than answers. In his own words, “ Why would I earn 150,000/= a day, that is 4500,000/= divided by 30 days, you mean to say if I put my brain to task that is the maximum I can earn? No, thank you.” One is left shocked at such a humble calculation which brings out reality that to earn that which you earn, you have to make five times your salary in order to earn a fifth as your paycheck.

The question is, are entrepreneurs born or made? Joel has an internal locus of control believing that one controls one’s fate. Businesses do not take off because of capital, they prosper because of the mind behind it. A successful story starts with a successful idea duly and properly implemented. Joel today defines the one success he is proud of is to be able to define himself, knowing his position in the society and the value that he can add to other people through the knowledge and skills he has.

Many a people are still struggling to define themselves as to who they are and what value they have, how they can use their talents and skills to help others. He defines success as not about having it all but rather being able to transform lives within thyself and those around you.

The eagerness to know how he became a manager of one the most successful artists in East Africa, Harmonize from Wasafi Records label; believe me excited my wits and exhilarated my guts. Humble beginnings define Mr. PUAZ, as an event photographer, back in 2014, he met Diamond Platnumz who introduced him to Harmonize, his to-be first signing at the record label. YouTube later on, brought these two together in 2015 while uploading Harmonize’s first song AIYOLA to the popular website earning them a hefty sum now.

After quitting his job at Spice Vas Tanzania in February 2018 with a dream to be his own boss, Harmonize contacted him with a preposition requesting he become his manager, a deal he inked the dotted line in March 2018 with the success of a new hit song Kwangwaru canvassing the deal.

A successful actor, musician, social entrepreneur and writer, Mr PUAZ is man of many talents who believes our education system needs improvement to ensure the education provided in school helps to shape change within our society. Sighting our education as major hindrance for progress to many youth  for instance the power of internet and social media many a youth crave yet misuse the resource. They should have been taught on how they could utilize the internet to bring changes and develop themselves for a better life.

His biggest ambition is to see Africa and people within it grow with enough knowledge to escape the ruins of poverty. His greatest belief being whatever God has provided you with serves a purpose. The struggles one goes through shapes one into a better person.