Introducing Life on Campus, the Campus Tv Series !

Life on Campus is a TV series based on a story of a new student in the University of Dar es Salaam, with a main purpose of showcasing the distinct lifestyles of university students at different levels and personalities. This series has the main vision of promoting different talents that university students hold and the way these talents can be used to build careers and result into improved social and economic status of the youths. The individuals behind this amazing project include; Frank Sylvester, Safe Japhary, Florence Nkini, Elizabeth Julius, Davis Machumilane. Our greatest achievement would be to witness these talents grow with success and remarkable impact to the youth community.

lifeon campo

Our talents have been the strongest tower in making this project a success, we worked hard to pull these talents together to design a series that is meant to change people’s perspectives regarding University students and careers.
However, It is clear that our University education has helped us realize the importance of putting our talents to work, instead of depending on our education for employment. The relationships, tests, BATA and all the neceesities required by a chuo student are showcased in this series to be aired in early September on one of your favourite local television stations.

watch the official trailer below.

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