Makerere University student demands an apology from Coca Cola over the “Hey Brother” advert.

We have all seen the recent advertisement for coca cola. We have also seen the resulting parodies about this particular advert on our social media.

A second year law student at Makerere, Ivan Twinoweitu who doubles as a teacher at Gayaza High School recently made his issue with the advert known when he wrote to the New Vision newspaper. His complaint was that the advert seems to encourage bullying after all the big brother continuously bullies the younger brother.


His point is that as much as the idea of portraying brotherly love is potent, it also encourages bullying as children usually do what they see on TV.

“The advert contains bullying and teasing. This kind of behavior is socially unacceptable because it can result into serious physical, social and psychological consequences on the victims,” he said.

He goes on to say that Coca cola needs to apologise to the public for such an advert as it seems to propagate a negative evil which many Ugandans have endured and still endure.
Of course Uganda is not America where children are actually bullied to death and who kill themselves because they are unable to handle the bullying anymore. But we may never know the full extend of the mental scars bullying has on people both young and old.

So therefore do you agree or disagree with his opinion on the matter?