#Mannequin Challenge Craze: Campus swarms in

Of all trending hashtags, #mannequin challenge craze has trigger happy instagrammers going crazy allover the world. What started as a mistake is now the talk of the gram buzz. Mannequin challenge is a freeze-challenge sorts of, where all people freeze and stop what they are doing at that instant as one person does the recording. 

It is believed the phenomenon of remaining motionless like mannequins was started by students from Edward H White High School in Jacksonville, Florida on October 26, 2016. The initial posting has inspired works by others groups, especially professional athletes and sports teams that have posted increasingly complex and elaborate videos.

The song in the background is Black beetles by Rae Sremmurd. With over 500,000 videos now from presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton

the German team #diemannschaft,Ronaldo and the Portugal team

to celebrities all could you leave out campusers in Tanzania? they did swarm in the challenge.

Check out the videos on instagram  @Campuslane..dont be left out! Post your #mannequin challenge video and tag #campuslane..