St Maria Goretti: the school with it all !!!

Research has provided research has conquered! News from a close source reaching the lane has it that various secondary schools that bring in students particularly girls,  into the university world, the following are the far most outstanding girls across the campus abode. The rumour wing has it that girls from St Maria Gorretti Secondary  in Moshi are an example across the whole Tanzania for their utmost and profound behaviour in Universities across Tanzania. The girls believed to be the brains of many universities across Tanzania not only boast of their utmost brains but also the hotness and character that has all dudes in campus swaying their necks and also willing to splash cash for these beauties. One soul was overheard promising heaven on earth to one girl, but the girl was so focused on her books too bad, maybe next time. These girls not only provide competiton for seats in brains but also in society as they are known for their great english accent and confidence while speaking amongst fellow campusers. Yes ofcourse the boys too, though small in number but their impact is great and can be felt too in many prospectives. All the thanks though goes to the tough hand the nuns have implicated in these students that they are examples across Universities in Tanzania. One element though is their pride that one day will surely haunt them.