MCM! Abraham Kambi “Aeb” is the new Breed of your Ideal Guy

Since the dawn of time, every campus chic has celebrated the coming of a new hot kid on the block. Now there is one serious reason why we couldn’t leave Abraham Kambi in the caves.

He is the new breed of your ideal guy. Besides his debonair looks, spruce answers to his well-groomed self. One thing is for sure, with a guy this fine and focused with so much passion, he is going to bag the greatest opportunities the world has to offer. 

Pursuing A Bachelor of Laws at the prime Universtity of Dar es Salaam, Abraham leaves a mark with his sleek fashion and cuteness the ladies crave for. One on one with the lane, He had this to say

Aeb right,Where do your interests lie?

Aeb: I love going out to nice places, big fan of good music; J cole my favourite and am a soccer #die hard Barcelona fan, I am also interested in staying indoors with babe hahah..

Staying in doors with babe huh! Are you dating! Who is the lucky girl? 

Aeb: Yah am in a relationship with a wonderful woman called Martha. She is lovely, hot and fine. 

But watch out staying indoors, brother, the cold might sting! Watch out!? What do you hate most about campus?

 Aeb:  Hahahahaha! about the cold, we will figure it out with family planning.  What I hate most at campus are morning lectures of 0700hrs.

Are you into entrepreneurship and any side income generating business?

Aeb: yah, am young entrepreneur I have a couple of businesses am running I also work part time in a certain marketing company and sometimes I  work for SBL according to different projects they offer.

Any advice for the young blood freshers?

 Aeb: For Chuo freshers; university is the best place to be as per our academic journey, You may do anything you wish but you shouldn’t forget your studies SAPS ARE REAL, KUDISCO IS REAL and you should always know you are worth it all, because you will meet with a lot of different people.

Where do you AEB in five years’ time? 

Aeb: In 5 years to come, I believe to be in a position of financial freedom, I have big dreams and am fighting to attain them and not ready to lose out on them. 

Give the lane readers your social media outlets! 

Aeb: Instagram @ abrah_makesyousmile_kamby

Snapchat @ abrahamaeb

periscope @ abrahamaeb

musically @ abrahamaeb

twitter @ abrahkambz


Ladies He is taken, her lady better not catch you sliding in his DM..