MCM! Andrew Peter running China Town!

Handsome, passionate and with a charming personality, oh yes! Andrew Peter is worth being the MCM today.

Pursuing a Bachelor of International Economics and Trade at Shenyang Aerospace University, Shenyang campus; Andrew is pulling the strings else where with a many Chinese lady ready to learn Swahili and be the potential Mrs. Right.

With a hate for inferiority complex at Campus, opportunists and hypocrisy, Andrew has a soft spot for music; singing, dancing (gwara gwara dance suits him indeed) and a positive mentality.

Aside spending his free time in the gym putting on some muscle; Andrew has a side income earner exporting goods back to Tanzania upon request from peers and family for a certain fee. Not such a bad bread winner for the lad.

“Dreams and ambitions might seem quite the hurdle, but they are worth the fight. Never back down from your studies, stay on course no matter how challenging,” Andrew Peter.

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