MCM! Benny Peter, The hearthrob from United Kingdom

You heard that right. Benny Machunde is a tanzanian scholar at University Of Hertfordshire in the land of the Queen.

Many youth do dream to set a foot in England, Benny is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration at the campus. With looks that send shockwaves to the ladies’ spines, Benny is quite a charming, settled down to earth guy.

Benny is interested with the cars, sports, getting to making new friends and having fun with music in the background.

“What I hate about Campus life is that it shelters you from the real world providing a blanket over reality outside,” says Ben.

Aside campus Ben is interning at a Fintech company in the land, getting a little income side hustle. Ben would love to have setup his own company in five years’ time. A passionate dream indeed and something to look forward to.

One word of advice to his fellow youth;

Enjoy, have fun at Campus; but remember what brought you to University in the first place.

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