MCM! Ardhi University PhotoLab king, Brighton Ivod

With respect curved out of utmost dedication and passion for his work and studies, Brighton Ivod is one gentleman he ladies would sincerely strive to start a family with. Pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Land Management and Valuation, Brighton acclaims his success to the Lord for making it through to his Third year at the University.

A passion that drives the desire to watching movies and retouching photos, he is in love with the camera (guessing if the camera were alive, she might have been Mrs Right) a craft he has mastered for ages.

He really hate disappointments and promises people can’t keep. A character that has kept him honest and committed to his word whenever he sways a promise unto something, so shall it be fulfilled.

He advice to  fellow students  “Do what you do best and focus mostly on your studies putting into consideration the efforts your parents have made for you to be in school. So stay in school!”

“In five years time I’ll probably be owning one of the biggest photography studios in Tanzania and will be working as a full time Valuer just to make sure all that hard work i put into school is not wasted. So yeah I will definitely be successful,” said Brighton.

Catch up with him on his Instagram @ prism_photolab