MCM! Meet the Identical Peter and Paul Tendewa

Getting accustomed to seeing one man as MCM! Well today we bring you two. No, its not photoshop, these two are actually identical twins. Meet our own Psquare in our very own backyard. You thought Peter and Paul Okoye were identical, you haven’t met these two. One cant tell who is Peter and who is Paul.

Third year students at University of Dar es Salaam, The twins are both pursuing a course in Public Relation and Advertisement at the School of Journalism.

Both are fans of soccer alike, making it more hard for one to tell the difference between the two. Actually I am still confused between who is Peter and who is Paul.

Peter tells me Paul is actually taller than him. But upon closer look one cant tell. Truly I wonder how their girlfriends differentiate them. I think one will be wrongly accused of cheating along the way yet he truly wasnt there in the first place.

Goodluck telling the two apart! Catch them on Instagram

Peter @petertendewa02

And Paul @iam_paul04