MCM! Meet the ravishing Oscar Mosha

Every cloud has a silver lining well, this Monday’s silver lining is the ravishing hunk of a man, Oscar Mosha. Oscar is a second year  student at  University of Dar es salaam aspiring to become a Doctor of Medicine. His looks may categorise him unserious and fun-loving but quite the contrary.


He describes himself as someone who doesn’t let the influence of others decide his decision making. He is a lover of Christ and you can always find him at church if not reading biochemistry at the botanical labs in UDSM, not only that he also enjoys gaming, movies and ofcourse the groove.

He is a single man who doesn’t come inform of a fuckboy by the way, and when asked how he liked his women made he said, “We must have a connection, I have to be able to trust her. also her beautiful face and curves must come with plenty a deal of contours. ?? She also must know something about God and have great loyalty towards our relationship.”

His friends describe him as a sometimes nagging but funny and talented kind of homeboy. He’s not the bar hopping dude but when he decides to, you can find him at exquisite joints only reservations work around his clock. hates gossip and lies too.

Catch him 0n the gram @ blessed_niga  and snapchat @ oscarmars35