MCM! Miraj Mshana, “I only read during the Exam period”

With an ideal passion for entrepreneurship and self employment, Miraj Mshana, a third year student at University of Dar es Salaam pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing caught up with the lane and entails us through his daily schedule. A keen eye for business and the ladies too, ladies are often heard calling him their wine. 

A name that has come to stick, the ladies wine, Miraj laughs it off often but his eyes say alot about that part. Miraj is a fun loving person with a passion for swimming and games. 

His entrepreneurial business includes agriculture and sometimes betting. Haha! He has a busy day funny enough he has a specific timetable for reading. Thats only when there are exams around the corner! Zimamoto!  Many campusers have this sort of timetable and its no shock. 

Only one last query! Wonder whether he is single! Ladies, catchup with Miraj and findout on 

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