MCM! Strategy is key in Life – Ulrick Peter

Accustomed to MCMs coming from campus? This time round the lane brings you a graduate.

A strategist and aspiring entrepreneur Ulrick Tobias Peter, a Bachelor of Information Technology graduate from IFM. The charming character and delightful Ulrick now with CRDB seems to have never his zeal since way back in college.

He likes humble, selfmade, focused and determined people in life. Success is key in life to him. Thats what matters the most while engaging with people.

He has a hate for immaturity, the crowd effect “crew effect” and laziness is a no to him.

He currently works at CRDB, does business and provides ICT Solutions through his starting company ( SanKom technologies ),

He has an NGO ( Youth Innvovative Scholars & Graduates Empowering) and currently he has started to do an uber business( starting with two cars which are about to arrive on early November).

In 5 years’ time he aims to set up a partnership with other mega ICT Companies and SanKom Technologies, owning 1 Clearing and forwarding company, 1 Gas and Fuel Station and Plantations( I love kilimo).

He wants to earn not less that 10 million shs in a month through the business strategies which he is involved with.

Ulrick had this advice for the youth in University and his peers.

About happier life:- First focus on your God then your goals, and consider your inner peace as a number one priority for you to live a happier life.

About financial life:- Respect your pocket, learn to keep savings, avoid temporary life style, establish your little financial goals( like small business) get exposure the people above your level and keep your circle small with smart minded people.

Academic life:- Grasps any means which will get your to your proffesional n not only your books.

Catch up with Ulrick on:

Instagram @Ulrichie_tpeter

Snapchat @ulrichie_tp