MCM! UDSM’S Amicable Brever Ovin

One of  a kind, polite, smart and ambitious handsome gentleman with a hidden admirable character of fearing God completes the full package of a man he is. 

Brever Ovin, a second year student at the University of Dar Es Salaam pursuing  a Bachelor of Economics and Statistics, is quite a kind fellow, who likes making new friends and hanging out with friends.

Charming, with a bite for looking presentable always his first priority, a class among the few guys on campus that resonates a sense of fashion many ladies die for.

With a hate for pretence, wasting time and laziness; he is an iconic role model known for his responsibility virtue and how he takes good control of his own life. He is quite an amusement to many girls and a point of admiration. Let me not tell you much about him and let his social media do the bidding.

Instagram @legal_hustle14 and snapchat @legalhustle14