MCM! UDSM’s Flamboyant Innocent Lyatuu

With a style that craves the ladies attention, a smile with the fancy looks meet this week’s MCM, Innocent Lyatuu. Pursuing a Bachelor of arts in Economics, Innocent is in his third and final year at Campus to say.

Innocent is accustomed to having fun, hating pretence and being straight forward avoiding the mumbling bit with the words. Having to create for everything is his ultimate principle as besides fun, studies are a priority too.

Innocent hates the pretender, wasting time and laziness type of friends. With an ultimatum of success a goal to fulfill in life. Already earn some income with a computer and electronics business as a side bread winner, Innocent had this advice for the youth.

University is a place to study much ,grow a little and build a brighter future for yourself.

An entrepreneur in five years’ time, the sky seems to set the bar for Innocent. Catch up with Innocent on



Twitter @innocentimac