Mimi Mvrs: meet the media queen

The lane is just starting to make your weekends better and greater as we head into the start of the week…well the lane is linking you to Mimi Mvrs, Marianne Mdee the young one to the famous Vanessa Mdee. Enjoy !!

Who is Mimi Mvrs? Tell us a little more about yourself in five words.

Well Mimi Mars is an open book anyone who meets me and converses with me will definitely tell you that I’m a transparent person so i don’t know any other way to describe who I am but  with just that.

5 words
-God fearing

Tell us a little about your education Background.
My education background well graduated in tourism management in Nilai university in Malaysia and law last year at Kampala University Dar Es Salaam.


Why did you choose media?
Media chose me it runs in the family so I guess it was just time!

How were your days back in high school and University?
Well 3 words BEST DAYS EVER If I could I would relive those days.


Didnt Boys distract along the way? You know such beauty is quite neck-turning.
😂 Thank you! Well I knew how to handle the boys they didn’t give me any distractions if anything I was the distraction LMAO!

Apart from media what else are you involved in?
Apart from media I do other businesses of my own and others in partnership with a friend I try to keep busy as much as I can otherwise I get bored.


Coming to fashion who is your role model and where do you do your shopping for its exquisite.
Mmh fashion icons that’s a looooong list haha but mostly I just play around with what I have and if it’s comfortable and simple then that’s it. Where do I shop most of my outfits when I travel but here in Dar I do not have a specific shop I just randomly see something nice and buy it from anywhere.

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