Miss Higher Learning 2017 – Who do you think will win? Vote for Her!

Happening this Friday 27th October at King Solomon Hall Namanga, the Queen of the Universities shall be crowned come the end of the day. The pageant shall be graced by performances from Barnaba Classic, Msagasumu and Amber lulu. Special appearances from Irene Uwoya, Basilla Mwanukuzi and JK Comedian.

Tickets are at

  • 10,000/= for the ordinary
  • 30,000/= VIP
  • 50,000/= VVIP

The tickets can be bought at Eaters Point Namanga, My Wedding Solution, Bamaga Yahaya Boutique, Trace House of Fashion, Maisha Basement, Zizzou Fashion, and Ashura Beauty Touch Kijitonyama.

Meet the contestants that shall grace your stage come Friday.

1. Diana Njau

A beauty queen from Tanzania Public Service College, she has a skintone blessed with melanin and a smile worth diamonds.

2. Nelly Kazikazi

The beautiful fashionista also doubles as Miss IFM 2017. Institute of Finance Management really does have beauties with brains.

3. Prisca Mwandika

The Institute of Accountancy Arusha representative is worth your eyes’ stare. With a glamour of cuteness and calmness. She is among the favorites.

4. Flaviana Ibrahim

The lady from Institute of Finance Management has the charming smile with the “mwanya” that captivates one’s snare.

5. Husna Ibrahim

This is another beauty from Institute of Finance Management with a glowing skin that reflects like a diamond under the sun. Loves to inspire people with her charisma.

6. Advera Verry

All the way from University of Iringa, it is glad to know that all corners of the Campus world are represented in this pageant. She is cute and pretty though.

7. Melody Thomas

Another masterpiece of art from Institute of Social Work, she loves a competition and is looking forward to winning this one.

8. Queen Elizabeth Makune

Another beauty from Tanzania Institute of Accountancy, she is already calculating the odds and evens of her winning this pageant with her mind set at winning this one.

9. Rosena Josephat

When we said all corners of the Campus society were represented, we had proof. Meet Rosena an elegant lady from Mzumbe University Morogoro. She is here to rep her campus and take back the crown to Mvumero land.

10. Witness Romanus

Another charming lady from Tanzania Institute of Accountancy. Looks this pageant has a lot of calculations in it. Too many accountants.

11. Nunu Jamal

Such a brilliant lady with a perspective and focus yet humble. Nunu is from Tanzania Public Service College Magogoni Posta.

12. Ruth Deogratius

A beautiful lady from Institute of Social Work, she is ready to put her socialising in and out of the frying pan onto the stage.

13. Elice Mwakajila

Another lady from Institute of Social Work, with a point to prove having seen a dream of her becoming the crowned queen. She is here to silence her doubters.

14. Hapifani Shedockulu

Like her name, Hapifania is always happy and ready to share the joy with every one else. Another from Institute of Social Work.

15. Vivian Mamkwe

Lastly Vivian from Tumaini University Makumira Arusha the glamorous princess has all that it takes to be in this pageant.

We appreciate your participation. Voting is now officially closed.