What’s good laners, on this last Saturday of the year we wind up with a chicca who most certainly will make you turn your head twice to look at her or rather wonder where in the world she got to seat behind the wheels of a rather pricey ride. Meet Jessica Ndeutwa a third year student from UDSM-UDBS who’s on the verge of completing her bachelor’s degree in marketing. We got to speak with her about her car and life at large as we wait for the coming 2018.

Tell us little bit about yourself.

I am a nice and kind person to anybody around me, some people even say am a very quite person.

What was your first ever car to drive to University and what’s your current car?

I first drove a Toyota Camry, but that was a couple of years ago and I currently drive a new model Toyota IST.

How did you get to drive such an expensive car for you are still a University student?

(Laughs) Well, I got it as a gift from my boyfriend.

On what occasion did you get it as a gift?

He gave it as a gift to me for our second year Anniversary in our relationship.

What’s your fuel budget?

Mmhm… i don’t have an exact amount, inategemea na the usage of that particular month ambapo it differs mostly.

Ever had a bad experience while driving?

Uuhm, yeah sema sio zile mbaya sanaa, nimeexperience minor car crashes kama mara 3 hivi na tyre puncture in the middle of the night alone.

Anything in particular you want to get it fixed in your car before the year ends?

(Pauses for a while) Kubadilisha tyres maybe maana naona zimeanza kuishaisha… I usually do ili gari likae zaidi hehehe.

Your ever used your car for Uber?

(Laughs histerically)… Nooo, sijawahi kwakweli… I wasn’t expecting that question (continues laughing).

What’s your dream car?

I’m so much in love with RangeRovers….an Evoque will suit me best.

Between your boyfriend and your car, what would you pick first?

(Smiles) Huuh…My boyfriend a million times, he’s worth much more.

Ever hard some “alone time” with your boyfriend in your car?

Kwichikwichi nooo (while laughing), labda kuendeshana tu bhana.

Last question, is a car an extra credit for a guy whose taking his chances after a girl?

Uuhm…yeaah si unajua girls tunapendaga vitu vizuri bwana.

Weel…there you have it folks, Jessy tells us to not drink and drink as were hoping to see next year while being physically fit and mentally sound. You can catch up with her through

@jecyndeutwa IG and Snapchat.